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Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation
The Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation is offered as a means to create a Chinese Herbal Treatment program for those of you seeking direct assistance with complex issues and complex schedulesThis long distance approach is an excellent opportunity for those patients who are serious about pursuing long term health but who cannot attend an office visit with Bella Fooksman, L.Ac., for treatment, or for those who cannot find a local Chinese Herbalist.   
The Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation has been created for you to begin a regimen of therapy with highest-grade, FDA tested Chinese herbal custom or patent (prepared) formulas, which can span over the course of many weeks or months.   The consultation begins by filling out the below form indicating your personal information, your health concerns and goals.  After completing and submitting the contact form, you will receive an assessment package with instructions on how to fill it out.  The assessment package is a detailed and in-depth form that you fill out online or you may receive a digital version to complete and e-mail back.   The assessment package gives Bella a highly detailed and in-depth view of your body's unique internal processes through the eyes of Chinese Herbal Medicinal philosophy and methodology.
The assessment will ask you to report the quality of your health involving every aspect of your body and daily functioning including, but not limited to such problems as: fatigue, pain, numbness/tingling, ringing in the ears, menstrual issues, libido, palpitations, sleep quality, bowel movements, colds or allergies, appetite and digestion, etc.   Bella will then thoroughly assess your unique set of answers and will contact you regarding any further details or required information.  
The assessment processes is rigorous and complex, therefore please allow approximately seven business days for Bella to review your assessment package.  Most patients have multiple Traditional Chinese Medicine Patterns that have accumulated over many, many years, if not over the entirety of a patient's life time. Based on the information gathered during the Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation process,  Bella will then determine your particular patterns of disharmony using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic methodology and prescribe the proper course of Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat not only your symptomatic concerns, but the root causes of your health issue.    A follow up consultation is included in the package, and Bella will typically contact you  3-4 weeks after you begin your Chinese herbs to review the results of your initial prescription, and to make and course adjustments as necessary.
Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation:  $80
Includes:   Initial Assessment and one follow up consultation
Chinese Herbs:
Typical cost of a  one (1)  month course of one (1) patent (prepared) formula:  $40-50.  Typical cost of a one (1) month course of a custom granule (powder to mix into drink, applesauce, etc) Formula:  $100-$150.  Flat rate shipping is $4.50.
Convenient payment via PayPal, or secure credit card payments by phone.
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